Questyle CMA 12 playing at 2x speed and static unless I force upsample

Hi all,

Ive changed dacs from one using an amanero USB to the Questyle CMA 12 - the dac is connected to a Sotm sms200.

Out of the box the CMA 12 is detected however under device setup the max bit rate is 96khz not 384 - 96khz is the maximum shown.

When playing some music such as 44.1khz files the sound is twice normal speed and full of static/grain.

I didnt have this issue with 48khz audio.

I can resolve the issue by upsampling to 96khz however this isnt what I want to do and its not the actual max for the device.

I didnt have any issues with the previous dac - it just worked out of the box.

Any suggestions or can anyone provide their device setup for a cma 12

What OS do you use for Roon Core?

Try direct connect the DAC to the Roon Core. Install Windows driver if applicable.

Hi @paul_barber,

As suggested, can you try connecting this directly to the Core machine instead of the SMS200 and let us know if you’re seeing the same thing?

Can you also share a screenshot of the Signal Path when this issue is occurring?

Thank you for the responses.

I updated the firmware on the sotm streamer and it detected the cma12 correctly.

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Hi @paul_barber,

Are the other issues resolved from the firmware update as well?

I may have jumped the gun.

I have to reboot the sotm after turning the cma12 on for it to be detected correctly.

Do you still have the problem of “When playing some music such as 44.1khz files the sound is twice normal speed and full of static/grain” ?

I do unless I restart the sotm streamer after turning on the cma

Hi @paul_barberk,

Did you confirm the behavior if you bypass the SMS200 and connect directly to the Core?
If the issue only occurs with the SMS200 in the chain, you may want to reach out to SOtM support as well.

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