Questyle cma 12

@support. Hi I am using roon with my questyle cma12 Dac/amp usb iMac 2018. Sometimes the outpout sound level is very low with roon. I have to restart both Dac and roon to fix the issue. I have asked questyle. They say the problem comes from roon. Can you help please. ?
Thank you

Hello @Laurent_Bismuth,

Thanks for contacting us regarding your question here. What is the Volume Control method set in Roon as? You can access this info by navigating to Roon Settings -> Audio -> Cogwheel icon next to Quesyle zone -> Device Setup. There should be listed a “Volume Control” area there like so:

Can you let me know what that says for you? Also, when this issue occurs, what is the reported volume of the zone in the bottom right-hand corner? Is it reporting a low volume or does it report a high volume and you’re just hearing a low volume output?


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