Queue - ‘Clear All After’

Hi there,

Simple (I think) request to add a function to the drop down list associated with a track in the queue. Would like to be able to clear all tracks in the queue below a certain point. ‘Clear Upcoming’ clears All but the playing track. A ‘Clear All After’ function would be useful for multi disc sets when you only want to play one disc, or for classical albums where you only want to play a few tracks (e.g., the next four tracks make up a complete work and you want to remove all of the tracks after that).


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Came to put in exactly this request, so … bumped! :slight_smile:

Agreed. I’d also like there to be keyboard shortcuts for “Clear Queue”.

This would add usefull flexibiliy for me. I often add more tracks than I really want, and it’s very tedious to remove some but not all as that has to be done one by one. My work around - to use ‘Add next from here’ - leads to very long queues!

I agree. I am always wanting to cut short my cue and find it cumbersome to have to pick each song to delete. Add a clear from here feature.

+1 to this!