Queue Clear Issue [fixed]

I am seeing an intermittent issue when clearing the queue on my iPad. When I clear the queue while playing a multi-part piece (concerto, symphony, etc) the queue is cleared but the whole piece plays to completion, this part is consistent (might be a bug too). The intermittent issue is that on the iPad the bottom timeline/data area is also cleared as if nothing is playing. the server side looks okay, just the iPad is goofy.

I’ll have a look at this, but keep in mind that we don’t treat multi-part works the way you would think about tracks on a CD – when a work is being played, it’s treated as a single unit that contains parts or movements. The whole work goes into the Now Playing area or Queue as a single item, denoted with part numbers.

When we designed this, we thought it was really important that we get away from the structure imposed by CDs, and get back to treating multi-part works the same way you would think about a song in popular music.

I thought that the multiple-track item being treated as one was intentional, and wonderful. So the issue at hand is the disappearing status on the iPad after clearing the queue from the iPad.

This is as designed.

This I can’t reproduce – can you grab a screenshot the next time it happens?

I played a mulit-part work, then queued another multi-part work, then cleared the queue. No issues I could see, but maybe you’re following different steps?

The screen on the iPad looks like the queue is empty and the queue on the iPad reports as empty. The Mac Pro looks normal, with the bottom stats showing correctly. I will try to isolate the reproduction steps as it seems a bit random right now.

Still trying to reproduce reliably but no luck. In the process I found another bug when play a multi-part piece. If I clear the queue while playing a symphony as an example, the remaining parts are still to be played. If I then scrub to the en od each of the remaining parts by dragging the red vertical line in the music’s time line everything works fine until the last part. Instead of ending the part, the part stays in the timeline with the red line at the end. If I move the red line back a couple of seconds the part finished and the timeline cleared. This seems to only happen on the iPad client.

You’re sure giving it a great test drive!


I wake up too early for my own good, oh and its -30 Celsius this morning so no playing outside with the dogs. :wink:

It’s a balmy -15 Celsius here too :snowflake:

Will look into the above over the next couple days and report back @pwright92, thanks!

@mike If I understand you correctly, there is NO way to clear the playing queue when a multi-part composition (what you call a work) is playing ? I find this sometimes annoying, since there is no “stop” button in the user interface, only a “pause” button. How can one completely clear Roon’s memory here ?

We actually made a change a while ago that made a long-press on “Clear Queue” clear the queue and Now Playing.

Unfortunately, the “Clear Queue” button goes away when the queue is empty. I’ll see if we can get that fixed.

This was fixed in last week’s build :slight_smile:

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