Queue management - album mode

I am trying out Roon, 10 days left before I need to decide.

I have not found a way to handle albums in the queue, i.e., be able to collapse/expand the albums in the queue, be able to delete a whole album in the queue. Now everything is expanded down to track level which is not practical.

This is quite basic functionality, so I assume that I have not understood how to enable it. Please advice.

I like the Roon radio, however I would avoid to have it filling up the queue after tracks are played. How to do that?



The queue is tracks only.

How to delete many tracks in one action in the queue?

Long click (touch) on the first track you want to delete. The track it will highlight and the actions menu will appear at the top (remove button on top-right). Now click on any other tracks you want to delete or use shift + click (windows) to select multiple tracks. Then click the remove button. This way of selecting also works the same for anything else in Roon.

Thanks for the advice. Not as good as album mode, but it helps.

Is there a way to remove everything previous/above to ”Now playing”?

Is there a way to prevent Roon radio to fill up the queue, i.e., just show the track when playing it?

“Clear upcoming”?

That is the other way around, it removes everything upcomming, not what has been played.