Queue management when Play, Add Next, Add To Queue ... is selected

This is how I’d like to see it work and it’s usually how other software does it.

Play (will destroy any existing currently playing queue)
“Play Next” will do as it does now if a queue is currently playing but if the current queue is done it will add to the end of the queue and play that one song while not destroying existing queue.
The other play option like add the end work as they do now.

The queue stays around until you destroy it by choosing to straight play a new album, single song, playlist etc.

I believe there was a discussion on the clearing queue quite a while ago in which Roon indicated it was planned behaviour based on experience in the Sooloos past.

For me the current setup actually works quite well, perhaps give the above options a go?
Roon definitely is different from the standard players, which, personally, I really like :smile:

I have to agree. I personally like the Roon paradigm and think it would be a step back to imitate other players.

I can’t fathom why everyone thinks having to do extra stuff and steps is the best approach?

In all honesty, I just agreed with another member’s thread and suggested some functionality in a post and a mod has taken it and pealed it into it’s own thread to be dissected. I wasn’t planning on creating a feature request thread.

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Hi Jeff,

I split out your post as it razed having a different behaviour when selecting music to go to the queue [i.e. a feature request], where as the other topic was about whether played tracks should remain in the queue or not [a different feature request]. On that basis I thought your suggestion deserved its own topic and it would make it more prominent to the Roon developers.

I see that some posting in this topic have missed that point and have jumped back on to the playlist topic etc. which is not what you where discussing in your post … I’m going to pull / move out the off topic comments.

I guess I’m not understanding – what do you see Roon doing differently than your list in the top post?

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Top post was peeled out of another thread about non-destructive queue by @Carl, so it doesn’t make as much sense on it’s own.

The original thread was about a now playing queue that didn’t completely remove songs after they were played. Some of us really miss being able to easily review, replay and review songs in the queue.

Everyone is suggesting playlists and using the history, which I don’t find as a very elegant solution.

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Hi Jeff,
When I first read your post it looked like you where suggesting a new way of Roon operating when selecting tracks however on more carful reading I can see that most of what you described as "how I’d like to see it work " is actual how Roon functions now … I believe it’s only this part I’ve highlighted in bold:

That differs, which does indeed point back to the discuss in the other topic.

Sorry I misinterpreted your post, would you like me to close this topic?

Yes as long as their is another feature request thread for a non-destructive now playing queue.

Ok will do, this is the link to the other topic:
[Don’t remove items from the Queue when they’ve played][1].
[1]: Don’t remove items from the Queue when they’ve played [done in 1.4]