Queue operation when multi-users

My husband just installed Roon Remote on his iPhone 6+ and added an album to the queue. His addition doesn’t show up in the queue of things I’ve already selected. I don’t know whether his choice will play after mine have finished or not – I guess we’ll find out in an hour or so. He breezed past the “choose output” button so that may be the problem. (We both want to play on the same output devices.) I would like his choices to appear in my queue and vice versa. I’ve been searching the knowledge base to try to understand what happens or should happen in this case, but it’s rather hard to find anything in this mass of information.

Can anybody point me to more info on this or offer any suggestions?

Do you have multiple zones?

If so, it sounds like you and he have added to two different zones (endpoints).

Each zone has its own queue, of course.


That was indeed the problem. When I use the same zones for both, it’s one queue. Thanks!

I was looking for the Roon User Guide before posting but apparently just couldn’t find the right keywords at the moment. Roon should make this document easier to locate. I’ve bookmarked it now.

Great. One other thing you might not be aware of is grouping zones.

If you want to play the same music simultaneously in different zones, that is accomplished by combining the zones into a group.

One can also transfer music from one zone to another.

Of course, one can always play different music in different zones, as you have found out.:slightly_smiling_face:

RAAT technology is a Roon strong point.

I almost always play in 3 different zones to cover the whole house. My only nit is that I can only use the grouping function from Roon Remote on the PC. The Roon Remote on the iPhone doesn’t offer the function. Fortunately, unlike the Sonos apps, Roon doesn’t often lose the grouping so that isn’t much of a problem.