Queue Problem with Linn Akurate DS (1st Series)

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
MacMini MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6
Roon Version 1.7 build 710

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Linn Akurate DS first series connected via LAN

Description Of Issue
Hi everybody,

Very often while streaming via my Linn Akurate DS the queue stopps.

The time ist shown in the app and i have to click on the “next song” button.

Than the last song is playing again.

Has someone experienced that right away?
Thanx for an answer in advance



the time is NOT shown

I’ve seen similar behavior occasionally with Klimax DSM and Selekt DSM. Play stops 1-2 sec before the end of the track, and needs manual intervention to continue. I’ve had the problem disappear for months and then come back with some system update. It’s never predictable or exactly repeatable. Updating to the latest Linn firmware has seemed to help, but that could just be because it reboots the DSM.

Did you get in contact with Linn ?

It’s not a Linn problem per se, it’s a problem in the Roon<->Linn connection, it needs Roon and Linn to work together to track it down.

Hi @Uli_Ritter,

Thanks for reaching out! We’re aware of this issue and we have an active investigation with Linn regarding this behavior.

I can’t quite comment on any timelines of the investigation will be complete, but thank you for your report, I have added it to the ticket!

In the meantime, one suggestion you can try to do is see if this issue correlates with sample rate changes by using Roon’s DSP Engine to re-sample everything to your max PCM rate:

If this setting helps with the behavior, please let me know!

I am sorry however after YEARS of experiencing this problem this is simply an unsatisfactory answer.

I was a member of the original Linn forum where many of us worked to try and bring Roon together. As such I go WAY back with Roon implementation on our DS’s.

While we are all greatful that Roon and Linn eventually came up with a solution the problems the poster above has mentioned HAVE BEEN GOING ON FOR YEARS.

I find it interesting that after YEARS Roon is finally getting around to acknowledging that a problem exists. There have been numerous postings from so many Linn users over the years about the exact same nagging problems.

Hi @greggl,

You have our apologies for the ongoing trouble here. I can’t promise any timeframes here, but I can assure you that this is a high priority issue for us. Our team is investigating this with Linn in order to find a solution that will resolve this and, while I can’t provide any specific timeframes just yet, we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated as soon as we have more information from our investigation. I know this has been going on longer than anyone would have liked and we intend to get this resolved as soon as we can. You have our apologies again for the continued trouble.


Thank you for the reply.
Considering you are in active communication with Linn perhaps you can bring up to them the issue of becoming Roon certified instead of Roon tested.

I have owned my Klimax DS since 2011 in every updated iteration. We are soon entering 2021 and the market has changed. Today people EXPECT all digital devices to be Roon ready and certified ie RAAT.

My Naim gear is all Roon ready and Linn (as always) is the lone outlier. Perhaps it is time for Roon to once again bring up the topic of RAAT and official certification just like every other brand does. Perhaps this time around Gilad will be more open to the suggestion - it is worth a try.

I do know how stubborn Linn can be. Then again they have shot themselves in the foot several times and I think DS sales are not what they used to be so maybe they are more open to changes.


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Hi Noris,

thanks for your answer and advice.

Unfortunatly with your idea implemented it got worse.

While i’m writing this email i had 2 and 3 short stopps within 2 songs but going on without help, and now the playlist broke off.

What can i do? Sell my Linn and buy something else?

Kind regards


Hello to everybody at Roon,

i’ve asked Linn for help. The answer:

When you use Roon, the DS player is a portal for the Roon software to control. The Roon software controls everything.
I would suggest contacting Roon to see if they could advise on any potential issues.

So can i write off my investment in either linn or roon to the wind?

Kind regards

Sorry, that’s obfuscation from Linn. In some events that I’ve observed, the issue is very likely on the Linn side: Linn DSM freezing, not responding to Roon or Kazoo, needs to be rebooted.

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