Queue running / active status

I can’t find a similar question/request soooo…I really think it would be nice to have the queue displayed “somewhere” optionally that you can see (real time) the list of what’s playing and the up and coming without leaving whatever / wherever view you are in roon.

I might be playing an entire album or put together a mix of one off’s from different artists. The only way to see what’s playing currently is of course at the bottom. However, if for example, I’m viewing an artist’s album, editing some metadata, browsing, whatever, I have no idea “what’s next” or in the queue WITHOUT leaving my current viewing position, since I have to select the queue icon which takes me to the queue screen. Which then “cancels” out whatever your were doing, viewing.

Have the left vertical roon menu bar (Browse, My Library etc…) or the bottom area where current track, time, now playing position, the ability to toggle (slide out of view) and show the queue in some fashion using those spaces?

Either way, the “main” screen view doesn’t change which maintains your thought process, actions, whatever you are doing.

Hopefully I’m articulating this in a way that makes sense

Yes, sadly in Theater Mode, you used to see what was coming up next. That was removed in the revamp to the current Now Playing screen.

I’ve often thought that being able to open more than one Roon window would be useful, much as you can with Microsoft apps. That way you could have the queue open in one window, edit in another, and so on. I believe this is possible in Windows (?) but I’ve not managed to find a way to do it on a Mac.

No its not possible in windows, its a single window app.

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I know first world problems, but this was my thought and I think for “compactness”, this side queue location could be view only and or limited functionality, dunno. :man_shrugging: