Queue separator

I tend to queue up several albums in a row, and it’s not always clear when one album stops and the next begins.

I think it would be nice to have some sort of optional audible divider between albums–and also when Roon Radio takes over from the queue. Maybe a long silence, maybe some sort of chime, I don’t know. But something that indicates that the queue has advanced to the next artist.

Also, to reiterate a request that has been made before: it would be good if Roon put some time into making bulk selection and editing within the queue easier.

At one point years ago I had suggested the Queue have the capabilities of a macro - i.e. not just queue up tracks, but rather control actions. Like “play Artist X on shuffle for 30 minutes” then “play album Y through to the end” then “60 minutes of Genre Z Radio” and this could include silence, tones, text to speech, whatever.

I still think that would be a cool idea. Nowhere near the top of my particular priority list, however, as I would like to see stability and performance as the next priority.