Queue Solves Most Problems

Maybe this is/was obvious to most people, but it wasn’t to me. Finally today, I started putting my next album in queue behind the one currently playing. So, when the current one finishes, the next one starts immediately with no delays or skips.

Yes it is convenient, I found that a while back and started using it to queue up a bunch of albums, then shuffle, then play.

Try going to Tracks, select the heart and hit shuffle and it just plays through tracks you have faved. I use this a lot, especially if people come round.

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It’s a good feature if you want to skip what’s presently in the queue. Otherwise, (add to) “queue” is what I normally use.

I like to save only albums and play an entire album at a time. I don’t do individual tracks. So, this is a simple way to give the next album time to download whatever portion it downloads before it starts trying to play.


That’s the thing, Roon is so flexible however you use it.

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