Quick access keys for roon Android app

Hi all,
I am using the Roon app on Android. Everything is fine, but I am wondering if there is the possibility to have quick access keys like play/pause, next/prev accessible outside of the app, in the android menu for ex while running. Like this it would be very easy and quick to launch or stop the music without having to open the application.

All the other music app have that (bubbleupnp, squeezebox apps,…). Any idea?
here is an example:

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what do you think?

I did this with tasker

Thanks for your reply
Would you mind discribing the steps to do that?

How familiar are you with tasker/auto notification?

This is a much requested feature.

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From 0 to 10, I am at 1 :slight_smile:

would love to know how to do this as well.

The best would be for it to be natively implemented in Roon smartphone app.
any plan for this? #roon?