Quick look at my signal path?

Hello! First post, just trying to verify that this signal path is correct, it’s extremely long and just seemed a bit weird. I’m using an AutoEQ Convolution Filter. On my SMSL M400 I have a Magenta status light. Thanks!

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I presume you want to know if you’re playing MQA all the way through, in which case the answer is yes :slight_smile: All looks good.

Yeah magenta means “enhanced”.


Hi, despite the apparent length, Roon is essentially doing two things. It is identifying an MQA stream, and as instructed is doing the first part of the MQA processing in preparation for handing on to your DAC to complete the MQA process. Secondly it is applying the convolution filter you have asked it to do. Exactly what the magenta light on your DAC means might vary from manufacturer to manufacturer so check the handbook. It does indicate it is seeing MQA (as it should) but may be telling you what type of MQA. Authenticated Master or just regular batch encoded.

Thank you for this explanation! It’s definitely a bit tricky trying to figure out the innerworkings of this stuff!

The M400 is fully MQA capable, so you might consider turning off the first unfold in Roon and let your DAC do all the MQA processing.

He can’t if he wants the convolution filter to run.

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Was wondering why that wasn’t working. :laughing: