Quick way to scan, import, add, and identify ConvoFS directories?

Dear All,

Even though Roon has re-sampling and Convolution features in DSP, I somehow still prefer the sound from the virtual folders created by ConvoFS. (www.convofs.net).

There is a user scenario that’s been making it a bit difficult, and I need some help. ConvoFS can resample/convolve files, and put them in virtual directories that mirror the original directory structure of the original music files. However, it takes a LONG time for Roon to scan, import, add, and identify the virtual files in the virtual directories.

Now, all my original music have been properly scanned, imported, added, and identified by Roon, is there an easy command to tell Roon to simply look at the mirrored virtual directories created by ConvoFS and say, “Oh, same files in the same directory structure, that’s easy, just replicate a copy of the existing meta data?”

Thanks for your help. I’ve not tried HQ Player, but ConvoFS’ sound is great, and it’s free!

Whilst the folder structure might be the same the files are different to the originals … so Roon would have to reanalyse them.