Quicker PLAYLIST maker.. KEYSTROKES.. need faster

I am probably A TOTAL WEIRDO… because I like to use the keyboard on my computer, not only the mouse.
When I am creating a playlist I would love a keystroke like CTRL-L to put the selected track onto the last playlist I just did before. This way I can search, click and CTRL -L and move on to the next track.
Now I have to click on the add play list, then click on the same playlist over and over, and then say ADD TO PLAY LIST…
The reality is if I am making a playlist I probably am trying to continue to build on one list. (I could be building several, but that would be a less typical production mode).
That said, I know that APPLE has convinced the keyboard is not necessary or useful, and we only need a mouse… But I still like the sound of the Pitter Patter of a typing… (Yes, I learned on an IBM selectric… and I am proud of it)