Quickly view all albums with no added tags?

So I’ve been going through my albums and adding tags but in a pretty scattershot way.

Is there a quick way to view all the albums that I haven’t added any tags to?

So obviously I mean user added tags not the baked in ones.

Thanks all!

Hamburger Menu Tags
Create New Tag - All Tags (or as you prefer)
Select All other Tags
Add to Tag - All Tags
Hamburger Menu Albums
Tag icon - All Tags
Toggle Filter to -

Ta da ! All untagged Albums.

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Thought it would be something along those lines.

Wasn’t sure what you meant by Hamburger menu! But worked it out.

Thanks again - fantastic

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And as you probably already know, you can Bookmark that view so you can see it again with a single click.

The Bookmark will be dynamic as you tag new albums with your existing Tags, but if you create a new Tag, you’ll have to manually add it to All Tags.

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