Quotes (citations) in the opening dialog box

It is really frustrating to have nice and interesting quotes in the opening dialog box when The Roop app start and not to have the time for reading all before it disappears!
It really drives me mad!
Could it be possible to have it also somewhere else, to allow compete reading?
Otherwise, it would be better not to have it.
This does not looks good for Roon!

Some people like these quotes; some people (myself included) hate these quotes.

I think in release 1.6 Roon tried to split the difference by keeping the quotes, but displaying for a shorter time. Anyway, that’s how it seems.

I love the opening quotes, but they are never displayed long enough to fully read!

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I agree.

The quotes on the splash page are intriguing but not displayed long enough to read and this is frustrating. I just googled “roon labs quotes” and found that many people feel the same way. Odd that Roon has not addressed this. I imagine it’s an easy fix.

When you cannot read the quotes fully it is a good sign because t he program boots up quickly :wink: its a nice problem to have. Either readable quotes or a quickly booting app. I prefer the later.

i agree.
the quotes could be display in the Discover screen. they could be “refreshed”, like any other element in the discover window.
and for those who hate them…
i think that in general one should be able to customize that page:
enable/disable the various options such that “label” “composition” “quote” “added” “released” etcetc.

but that’s a general story… i’d like more customization in roon…