Qutest + Pro-Ject Streambox s2 Ultra and Upsampling


Looking at upscaling options and would appreciate a steer on what is likely to be the best route for my set-up.

I think ultimate end game is a Chord M-Scaler sat between the Qutest and Streambox but I don’t want to do that quite yet and looking at other options in the interim. However, from what I’ve read I’m not sure there are any worth trying.

HQ Player or Roon’s own upscaling looks the obvious interim solution but I am confused how it would work with the max PCM support of 32bit / 352.8 kHz and DSD256 of the Streambox. Understand this means I won’t be by-passing the WPA1 filter of the Qutest meaning very limited benefit to passing anything other than native, as the Qutest will do its own upscaling on anything below 768 khz in any case.

I just wanted to check I’ve understood correct and I’m not missing any other options. Feels as though because of the streambox’s limitations I probably just have to wait to try an m-scaler?


If your end game is an mScalar, then wait for it. And just feed it the audio straight and let it do all the upscaling.

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Also, looks like it’s the only option other than Roon’s own upscaling (which I can’t hear improves), as my streambox doesn’t support NAA anyway.