RAAT does not show up in the signal path

Just curious as to why my signal path does not show RATT?


RAAT is an acronym for Roon Advanced Network Transport. It is a network protocol supported certain devices typically Roon Ready DACs or network endpoints which in turn have a DAC connected to them

In your case the DAC is directly connected via HDMI so RAAT is not required.

Trust helps … for more info on Roon architecture checkout the the Roon Knowledge Base.

Thanks @Carl for the quick response.

In my case, the Linn Klimax DSM/3 is strictly a streamer, meaning that it is on a LAN, connected to a CISCO switch via an Ethernet cable, I guess your explanation is also applicable?

Oh yes, sorry I missed you had linked JimF’s post not your own, and used his setup as reference.

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Thanks again @Carl.
My bad :slight_smile: My post is directly below his.

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