RAAT endpoint and Chromecast Audio grouping in Google Home?

In another recent thread, there was a link to a really well done article comparing between JRiver and Roon. One thing they mentioned in the article is that supposedly you can somehow group RAAT and Chromecast Audio devices by using Google Home. Here is the quote:

“Linking Chromecast zones to RAAT zones can be done using Google Home”

Anyone know how to do that? I am not sure how you would see a RAAT zone in Google Home, but here’s to hoping!

Here is a link to the article:


You can link Chromecasts in home but not Chromecast and Raat device.

Yeah, that is my understanding as well, but the article states it pretty clearly, so I was hoping there was some trick/hack that I did not know about to make it happen.

Nope, sorry, can’t be done. The reviewer misinterpreted the statement in the Roon KB on Chromecast devices (and I agree that the statement could be clearer). I’ve added a comment in the Audiostyle forum: