RAAT endpoint for $199? Yes!

Audio Advisor just dropped $50 from the price of the Bluedound 1st generation Node (now $199) and Powernode ($299). This is by far the lowest price I’m aware of for a fully supported Roon RAAT endpoint.


Not really a raspberry pi is about £35 and can be a fully supported RAAT endpoint.


Absolutely nothing against Pi based solutions or any inference about sound quality either way, but 35 pounds won’t have you playing any music at all.

At a minimum, add a DAC / pre-amp board, a case, a power supply, choose your software solution, assemble, teach yourself a new skill set, keep up with updates and bingo, bango, bongo - the life of Pi!

If your interests in technology are distinct from the desire to listen to music, there’s no comparing the two.

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Interesting perspectives both ways. In my case, my Roon core resides on a PC which feeds a Mytek Brooklyn which sends audio to my media room system. In the living room I have a network connected Raspberry Pi (originally connected to a HiFiBerry DAC+Pro), now connected to a Meridian Director feeding a vintage Marantz receiver. Of course, getting the Raspberry Pi set-up was more complicated than the PC/Brooklyn combo, and maybe a little intimidating, but it was also a fun learning experience. The Ropieee firmware wasn’t all that difficult, the online support through this website was excellent, and even though I’m old, (mid 60’s) I was able to figure it out, and I enjoyed the sense of accomplishment. I’m truly impressed how good the Pi sounds and how reliable and trouble free the Raspberry Pi / Ropieee experience is.

Doesn’t sound that way from your post IMHO.

The teach yourself a new skill set bit isn’t difficult. Far less difficult than dealing with some of the issues users seem to have with Bluesound kit (and Bluesound support), as reported here. Putting together a Pi & HAT takes about the same level of skill as a child’s Duplo set does. Roon updates the Pi endpoints when a new release of Roonbridge comes out along with the rest of your Roon. If you choose Ropieee as the OS, that updates automatically too. So difficult…

Thanx for bringing this to our attention. Sold thru Amazon too, supplied by audio advisor; only 9 left at this time.

I Just surprised the wife with $500 of ‘unapproved’ spending. How am I going to get this one passed her…? :wink:

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