RAAT should support bonded network interfaces

Just a note for everyone who has a bonded network (like 2 network cables from the RoonServer/NAS to a switch/router and set to let them join into 1 bonded network interface with 1 ip-address). It will not let you play music over these bonded interfaces.

I have setup my network this way, according to the standardized 802.3ad protocol. It will not let me play anything over this setup.

When I moved it to a standard network setup with just 1 physical network port and 1 network cable, it works.

Can you guys at Roon please fix this. I guess I won’t be the only one who likes redundancy :slight_smile:

My QNAP is bonded and Roon plays music from it just fine.

Which bond mode and xmit_hash_policy are you using?
My system is set to bond mode 4 and xmit_hash_policy layer3+4

The great benefit of this mode is that it is load balancing and fault tolerant.
Some bond modes don’t uses both cables at the same time, only put them in standby as backup / fault tolerance.

Mode 4 in QNAP NAS is called “IEEE 802.3ad (Dynamic Link Aggregation)”
For that you need a switch that supports 802.3ad LACP.

More info in this on:

For 802.3ad mode bonding (mode 4), the switch ports to which the bond is connected to should be grouped together into an 802.3ad compatible channel group. This might be referred to as dynamic link aggregation or as Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP), which is the control protocol used by 802.3ad in switch configuration options.

Strongly consider using the layer3+4 value for ports using bonding modes 2 and 4 because it provides the best distribution of traffic for the majority of use cases.

I’m also bonded on Synology 1812+ to a Netgear Nighthawk 8x which provides link aggregation (802.3ad).

I’m running Roon Core on the Synology and like OP am unable to play any music via Tidal even though I’m logged in.

I wouldn’t call this a feature request but rather a bug…thoughts?

@mike, any news regarding the support of redundant (bonded) network cards?

Is this fixed in 1.3? I just saw this limitation on bonded network interfaces, does it still exist?

Hard to believe I would need to hobble my whole NAS just to support ROON. I need to higher bandwidth to my NAS to support the many other functions it performs in my network.

Are you sure igmp snooping isn’t causing trouble on lacp + raat?

usually higher level switches will handle broadcasting better, through igmp snooping, and only broadcast to the port that will indeed listen on the address, so might just not be enabled on your port group.

What is your switch?

PS : i had the problem with docker in host on qnap, but everything went well when i switched to a virtual machine on a vswitch, from what i understand docker does not support broadcast binding

I can confirm this is NOT fixed yet in version 1.3.

@mike, any plan to fix this in a minor release any time soon?

I will report that my issue was caused by MTU size, changing back to 1500 resolved things and I am running on my Synology with a bound network interface and no issues.

What bond mode have you set up?

My system is set to bond mode 4 and xmit_hash_policy layer3+4
As far as I know now, this is still not working yet.

802.3ad dynamic.

But it probably won’t work with Jumbo Frames (frames >1500)?

Perhaps not. I did not try jumbo frames with a non-bound interface. I would rather have a bound interface (with load balancing) and no jumbo frame support than a single interface with jumbo frame support. In any event, Roon didn’t play to Bluesound endpoints for me when MTU was above 1500.

Synology DS1515+ - bonded was an issue, but only on files greater than 24/96 or DSD64. 24/176 and up and DSD128 and up would play for abut 10 seconds then turn into garble then issue the ‘file is loading slow’ message. Shifted back to single interface cable and problem went away.

Is this going to be fixed? I can’t imagine that people have to change their network infrastructure setup to support Roon.

I’m using bonding on my NAS, iMac, server and router to my dlink managed switch. Load balanced 802.3ad. Core is on the iMac music is on one of my NASes.

Works fine.

Is your issue that Roon core is on the NAS itself? Running core on my iMac with an 802.3ad bonded pair works just fine.

Is the issue your switch configuration? Mine only has a setting of LACP for the bonded pairs.

Is the issue related to QNAP itself?

Have you tried recently?

We don’t do any testing in-house using bonded networks but I suspect you’ll have better results since RAAT switched to TCP a few months back. I’d be surprised if this doesn’t work for you now.