RAAT still Intel on Apple Silicon?

I was considering moving my Roon server to my Mac Studio, but it looks like the RAAT server is still Intel? Any idea why?

I guess I expected ‘full’ Apple Silicon support.

Great job on ARC guys!

Nevermind… it weirdly switched to Apple Silicon when I closed and reopened it.

We saw this a bit in testing. It would appear that macOS caches the app type information and doesn’t update what it reports to the user for some time. In some cases it required a restart of the mac to get the reported app type to be correct.

Rest assured, both Roon 2.0 and RoonServer 2.0 on macOS are 100% native applications.


Beautiful! I restarted the Roon apps on my devices after updating and voilá, I literally only have Apple Silicon software running on my machines now!

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