RAAT to replace Squeezebox touch?


My current system is based on a NUC i5 running ROCK and storing the music files.
The ROCK is connected to Squeezebox Touch via Cat5 cable and the SBT is connected to the DAC via an optical cable.
The ROCK is controlled from a laptop connected via wireless.

I’m considering getting an upgrade to the DAC which will mean the DAC will support RAAT.
So in this case I would connect the ROCK directly to the DAC using the Ethernet cable (to the “renderer”).

I’m a little confused about this setup.
Would I still need the CORE to be running on the ROCK?
Does the RAAT play the same role as the SBT?

Core remains running on the NUC i5. Core is the server where all (almost all) of the processing takes place. The new DAC needs to be connected to your LAN, just as your NUC needs to be connected to your LAN. RAAT is the new-ish Roon software that enables the DAC to communicate with the CORE and stream music to your stereo. Your DAC builder added some “smarts” so RAAT and the DAC’s extra functionality (like a LAN connection) are replacing the SBT. By the way, the NUC and the DAC can be in different rooms.

What DAC specifically are you looking at? http://roonready.com

Thanks. In my current solution, the NUC is next to the DAC as there is no ethernet connection near the DAC.
I did have the NUC in another room initally but there were issues with with the wireless connection to the SBT.

If I went with the new DAC
I would really need to have an ethernet point near the DAC and would move the NUC to another room…

To answer the question above. MSB DAC.

That sounds like a good plan. I know it can be a pain puling in new cables but once done … no more WiFi issues.

:slight_smile: For a relatively small cost I just had a lan point put in. So much better freeing myself up from wireless issues…

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