RAAT to UPnP Bridge (for my Devialet Phantom Speakers)

@ragwo thank you for the feedback…I’m in DOS2… :unamused: …once again, I’m pretty sure it’s not a cable related, it must be a Phantom with a bad Toslink connector or something…

Yesterday I played a little bit with my equipment.
My Marantz CD player has an USB-DAC input and a optical output.

So I connected like this:
From Nucleus via USB out.
To Marantz USB-DAC in.
Set Marantz to USB-DAC mode.
From Marantz via optical out to Dialog.

First big success. 24Bit where send to my Phantom.
(The USB-DAC mode on my Marantz is showing the High Resolution Audio like 24/96 …)

Only disadvantage is, that I need to turn on Marantz for High Resolution Audio from Roon.
And adjusting the sound level is only possible via Devialet App - sound level keep the same if I try to change it via Roon Remote…

Then I recognized the little soundgaps again, which appear in litte regular time distances.

The I changed Optical connection from Marantz direct to optical in on my Phantom.

… and no gaps at all.

I am running DOS2.

Next thing is to find out, why this regular soundgaps appear only on Dialog. I guess it has something to do with the electrical cable setup…

If this can not be solved I need to connect my Phantom speaker with optical to Marantz.

Then I can use Zones on Roon.
Zone for USB-DAC for High Resolution (with powered on Marantz).
Zone for „livingroom“ for 16Bit AirPlay.

I have a pair of Phantoms as well, a few days ago I contacted their support team regarding direct optical mode under DOS2 - no luck. The support said it’s currently not in active development but he forwarded it to the responsible teams.

While I love the Phantoms for what they are - their simplistic, yet high end nature - they do get quite frustrating if you end up deciding you want to start tinkering with them in any kind of way.


I was asking Devialet support, if and when they migrate the RAAT protocol to DOS2.

The answer was, that it would be a logical step to do so, but it seem from development side quite an effort.
He also wrote RAAT at Phantom means to do some updates not only in Software but Hardware too.

Why the Hardware of Phantom needs an update for being able to support RAAT, I do not understand…

Hi Renato_Semedo, may I ask how you connect Roon core to the Primare NP5?
With cable or over WLAN?

Thanks Hubert

Hi Mehul, I just started to get into the topic Raspberry Pi. Probably the cheapest way to get Roon with 24Bit/192 run on my Phantom without using meters of optical cable…
May I ask you which combination would work best for High Resolution Audio?

There is a new Raspberry Pi4 and I found as well a Hifi Berry Digi Pro. Would this combination fit?

That’s quite depressing news. If a hardware upgrade is required, I’ll recon it will be quite expensive, and involving shipping the speakers to Devialet for an upgrade or a trade in. Bummer.

Roon on the RPi is very easy with Ropieee. It’s a RPi image to make your RPi into a Roon streamer with RoonBridge. It can be used with a lot of different HATs and has a simple webinterface. See ropieee.org

That would work perfectly.
Along with Ropieee as Joost mentioned above.

@Hubert yes, I’ve a “always on” PC Server/Roon Core as part of my home network, connect over Cat6 cable…the NP5 is also connected directly with cable…

I figured out another possibility.

The Volumino Primo is a UPnP streamer and has USB and HDMI connections.

The Nucleus could be connected to the Volumino Primo via cable. Then it could find the Phantom in the UPnP network…

Unfortunately I could not find any tests, if this setup would work:
Nucleus connected via HDMI to Volumino Primo.
Then wireless UPnP connection between Volumino Primo and the Devialet Phantom.

I guess it would only make fun, if you could still manage the music in this setup with roon remote…

Here is my 2. summarize:

Direct wireless stream from Roon to Devialet Phantom only possible with Airplay (16Bit).

For playing High Resolution Audio from Roon Core (Nucleus) to Devialet Phantom you can use:

  1. Full wired solution, but you need a device to transfer the USB signals from Nucleus to optical digital signals. This device could be the Mutec-MC3 + USB, or a Device with an USB-DAC inlet and a optical outlet, …

  2. Semi-wired solution: Use a “Roon ready” endpoint with wired optical connection between endpoint and Devialet Phantom. Roon Ready endpoints could be Raspberry Pi + Hifiberry Digi; Bluesound Node 2i, Primare NP5, etc… Make sure, that the optical outlet on the device supports High Resolution Audio.

  3. Semi-wired solution: Use a UPNP streaming device and connect it hard-wired (USB or HDMI) to Roon Core (Nucleus). UPNP streaming devices could be Volumino Primo, etc. This solution is just theoretically, because I could not find anyone who already tested it.

I am fully with you. To get the full sound portfolio of the Phantom wireless high end speakers in a network, it ends up somehow with fully wired High end speakers :smile:


Good news! Devialet Phantom Golds are Roon Ready since February 2021!

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