RAAT unavailable on Galaxy 8 Android 9?

I used for the first time the Remote app on a phone as an end point and listened through a Dragonfly Red. This worked fine, thanks.

Still, the app plays through the audio system of the phone (Default output: Android 9). I discovered that some users manage to set up the output through RAAT. I did not find any way to do it.

How to…?

What users? Do you have a link to their posts.

Roon does not bypass Android’s Audio engine. Other programs like UAPP, can.

Well… Here is what I managed to do by grouping the phone with the output of the laptop (Roon core):

I still am not sure whether there is an instance of RAAT on the phone, as suggested by the path in the picture, or output from RAAT on the computer and then sent to the phone. Can you clear that for me?

In any case, the output is now sent through a new audio canal, AAudio, which seems to be a progress on the standard Android audio output. The sound is actually better than without grouping the phone with the laptop. The dragonfly red lights up magenta, which shows that the stream is still upsampled by the Android sound system, as you suggested.

The ways of Roon are unfathomable… Thank you for your help!

RAAT is used to send to the phone.app from the core. It still goes via Android audio, this cannot be bypassed and you DAC does not show as Android does not report it back to Roon so your see purely the system audio of the phone Not sure what your expecting but it’s it’s RAAT to the phone in all cases. RAAT is the transport mechanism not the audio replay side.