RAAT Version on IQAudio RoonReady RPi3

I have an RPi3 with the IQAudio Pi-DACPro HAT installed. I have also setup the RoonReady OS image that was provided on the IQAudio website. It is all working beautifully with Roon and sounds great.

However I have one question about the RoonReady image. is it possible to update the RAAT version that is installed? Currently it is reporting RAAT SDK v1.0.6, but I believe the latest version is quite a lot newer than that. Is it upgradeable, and if so would upgrading it offer any improvements/benefits over v1.0.6?


You could try the www.ropieee.org image and see what that is using…I use this os build with all my iqaudio hats

Where are you finding the SDK version? I went looking but don’t see it anywhere.

Thats a good idea I’ll check out the ropieee image, thanks.

I’m getting the RAAT version from Roon itself in Settings->Audio for the IQAudIO DAC.

Any upgrades to the RoonReady distribution will need to be done by IQAudio. From the looks of it, they’re a bit behind the times indeed.

You may want to run DietPi or Ropieee on your Pi – both will automatically install the latest and greatest RoonBridge, which will keep itself up to date through Roon.

Thanks for the responses guys, I’ll take a look at Ropieee. The IQAudIO image works fine, but if it isn’t going to updated or even maintained it will become a problem sooner or later.

I use Volumio without problems with my IQAudio HAT - instructions in RoonBridge on Volumio Raspberry Pi Image? . I think it has more support than Ropieee for external WiFi adapters but I could be out of date.