RAATServer and Roon MacOS applications "Missing Code Signature"

This is not preventing use of Roon.
Reporting only due to the inconsistency with other MacOS processes, as seen by security app Little Snitch.

The two processes, RAATServer and Roon, are reported by Little Snitch to be absent a code signature:

That’s it. Thanks for a great product.

Thanks for letting us know @Ferris_Bueller, I have forwarded your report to the QA team.

– Noris

At times, I see Little Snitch complaining about it too. It’s something which could easily get remedied, I suppose. Looks as if three files aren’t copied in yet when the package gets signed. Maybe the build / packaginge procedure could get adapted?

With the help from obdev.at:

codesign --verify --verbose=4 /Applications/Roon.app

/Applications/Roon.app: a sealed resource is missing or invalid
file added: /Applications/Roon.app/Contents/RoonMono/bin/Roon
file added: /Applications/Roon.app/Contents/RoonMono/bin/RAATServer
file added: /Applications/Roon.app/Contents/RoonMono/etc/mono/registry/last-btime

Interestingly, that last-btime file seems to get updated regularly according to last modified values. Isn’t that something which usually shouldn’t happen - writing into /Applications/... dynamically?