Radio 10 in The Netherlands

God morning, I can’t find radio 10 (the netherlands) url

There are a number of these station’s…
Radio 10 Nonstop
Radio 10 80s Hits
Radio 10 90s Hits
Radio 10 Love Songs
And more.

Which one can’t you find?

radio 10 80,s hits stopped playing about two hours ago. restarting results in music but from radio 10 love songs.
the data, artist / number is still correct but you hear not that stream
restarting the stream does not work
so: playing radio 10 80"s hits will let you hear the lover songs instead
can some please try this and verify my problem and hopefully can roon solve it ?

Yes, looks like the stream was wrong. Try now.

still the same. metadata is not what is playing. if you chose 80’s hits you will hear the stream from love songs

Something wrong. This is the stream info.

Input #0, mp3, from ‘’:
icy-name : Radio 10 80s hits
icy-description :
icy-url : Radio 10
icy-genre : Top 40
icy-br : 128
StreamTitle : robin gibb - juliet
Duration: N/A, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 128 kb/s
Stream #0:0: Audio: mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, fltp, 128 kb/s

That stream title matched the website’s info at that time.

Silly question, are you playing the database version of Radio 10 80's hits or one from my live radio?

i was using the shortcut from my live radio i made

What happens if you remove that shortcut and use the database version?

Forget that suggestion. The links in the shortcuts (in my live radio) are updated in sync with the database.

However, I’m still not seeing a problem. I just played Radio 10 80's hits and the metadata shown matches that of the website.

the metadata is correct but there were other songs playing. so data says ‘song x’ but song y was playing beeing the song from the other stream radio 10 love songs

as for now it seems resolved! maybe it was an error on their side

It sounds like it. I had checked one song with shazam and that confirmed the metadata. If you see problems again, please let me know.

Hello @Nico_Hettinga, are you still having problems?

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