Radio algorithm after full album play seems narrow

Here’s one for a start. Radio algorithm after full album play seems narrow
I believe an overhaul’s on the roadmap.

I’m personally hoping that it incorporates a degree of user-preference-control, and embodies the power of Roons metadata - ‘similar to’, ‘followed by’ etc - as well as play count and play history, and streaming services.

Thank you! Let’s continue the other thread instead.

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Since I have banned the 10-12 most played albums by the Radio Function, the varation in music is back. So I can underwrite the use of banning - but I’ve also found out that you have to ban quite a lot of albums ( check the “most played list”) to change the unwanted behaviour of the radio function.

I eagerly await a more intelligent and manageble radio function; let’s hope it is coming soon as banning records is not the way to manage your music…

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Not at all. Along with an overhaul of metadata, a full rework of Radio is a top priority for 1.3.

While metadata infrastructure work has to come first (and is already underway), no one here is happy with the current algorithm and we’re absolutely committed to making this first class, guys.


Thanks mike— that’s great to hear.

Any news on when we can expect 1.3?

June? July? End Q3? Q4? 2017?

There’s no news about timing and we shouldn’t expect any. Development continues and 1.3 will be released when it’s ready. We saw two major releases in the first year and a host of “minor” ones (HQP and Squeezebox support was in a minor release). By any measure, it was a hectic pace.

There are other calls now on time that might otherwise be spent on development. Vetting the growing number of Roon Ready products, filling out the Knowledge Base and continuing to provide Service support to an ever increasing number of members with a wider variety of idiosyncratic gear, including long distance diagnosis of network issues.

We’ve seen jobs at Roon Labs advertised for the first time; Software developer and Support representative.

So will the pace of releases slow down, pick up or stay the same ? We don’t know, there are a lot of variables.

Am I confident that the devs have a vision of where they want to go, how to get there and the zeal to see Roon match that vision as soon as possible ? Yes, I am.


@Mike promised me an improved radio algorithm for my birthday if that’s any help.



Ah, but which birthday?


While I too have experienced Radio’s overly-narrow focus on a handful of artists and would love to see that addressed, I am in fact more irked by its ‘tone deaf’ selections within the Classical genre, blithely following, say, a Baroque recorder trio with Mahlerian orchestral sturm und drang. The fix would seem straightforward: limit the choices to the current Classical sub-genre, irrespective of whether the playback of the original item was initiated from the sub-genre, or from the catch-all Classical umbrella genre.

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Someone at Roon Labs is obsessed with David Bowie. How do I know? Simple! Anytime I’m listening to rock oriented music and radio kicks in after my album is over the first track to play is ALWAYS David Bowie.

Am I the only one who’s noticed this or is it just me OR did I set the Always Bowie toggle in preferences somewhere?


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Do you have a lot of Bowie in your collection… I often get Lana Del Ray which I’m not a huge fan of. I think there was talk of the radio function being redesigned at some point.

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For me it’s Steely Dan most of the time :slight_smile:
I miss the SmartMix integration in LMS

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Hehe! For me it’s always The Moody Blues after playing an album of Genesis! :slight_smile: And i have lots of other progressive/symphonic music from the various era’s.
Seems Roon is pretty specific in its taste for radio material!

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Hi Adam,

I moved your post and the replies to this thread.

See Mike’s post from May 18 above.

Cheers, Greg

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[quote=“AE67, post:45, topic:1840”]
I miss the SmartMix integration in LMS
[/quote]I think most LMS users miss it too - echonest is now exclusively Spotify.

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Plus +1 for Radio overhaul. The concept is great but execution is flawed and I think many of us are anxious to see major revisions here - esp with how tracks are added. Like others, I see the same 9-10 albums coming up when I have 1000 to choose from. [Playing Radio for a collection of Classical genres]

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reviving this thread, as I’m finding the Radio selections pretty limiting, playing many tracks from only a few albums. Had this been addressed in 1.3? If so, it’s still not very good :frowning: