Radio algorithm inconsistent

I’m wondering if anybody experiences the same as I do.

I find that Roon’s radio algorithm behaves in a markedly inconsistent way.

With some (broad) genres it works brilliantly. It throws up artists I don’t know yet or that I have forgotten about. It takes me to the fringe areas of the genre where the interstkng stuff can be found. This is the case with Jazz and Nu Meta.

With other genres, especially everything that can broadly be called Dad Rock, it behaves another way: either it keeps turning around between the same twenty or so albums or it drifts of to Country.

And boy do I hate country. Worst of all: whenever I reseed when this happens, it keeps going back to Country. These are the times the Roon developers get cursed and sworn at and I wish Voodoo would actually work and I could haunt them in their sleep with lyrics about Pick Up trucks running off with dearly beloved six packs :crazy_face:

When the algorithm starts playing merry-go-round with the same albums over and over again, I wonder why. After all, Elton John made more than one album, guys. So did mlst everyone.

Are we sure the algorithm is learning instead of going into a kind of deadlock?

I’m slow!y losing my mind here.

  1. I don’t think the algorithm is “learning” yet.

  2. Which radio, the local-only or the streaming one?

  3. This mostly seems to be based on the album genre tags Roon puts on the album the seed track is drawn from. At least, that’s my impression. It will pull tracks from other albums with one of the same genre tags. If the seed album has lots of different genre tags, it will pull from all over the map. It seems more likely to pull from those which have only the tags from the seed album, though it will now-and-then play a track from an album with “foreign” (to the seed album) genre tags.