Radio Auto Playlist

When you pick a song and Radio creates a playlist is it possible for the playlist to populate the queue with the next say 50 track it picks?

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You can hit the “thumbs up” 50 times :sunglasses:

Yes i did see that in another post after I posted. Still would be nice to have it auto populate as well


I don’t think it works that way … in that it creates a long play list … rather it selects the next track on the fly / on demand.

Yes and if you hit thumbs down a few times when things appear then I believe it will change future selections to avoid things close to the ones you did not like.

I would love to hear more about the logarithm behind this. I’m not convinced it’s using the thumbs down as additional metadata. It seems like the radio playlist is based on the initial song only. I’ve hit the thumbs down on the same artist a few times and had them continue to re-emerge based on Roon’s initial assessment of their relationship.

It would be great to be able to select a few different tracks from different genres to base a radio station on, to create a richer mix.