Radio behavior Amiss

I know this is a well-whipped horse, but there remains the question of the “seed”: one track? playlist? queue? artist?

I know these will remain rhetorical because Roon doesn’t like to answer these in sufficient detail.

But allow me to point out an inconsistency. I toggled Radio midway through playing Debussy’s Harp Danses. The radio displayed this:


Note the reference to “queue” …then displayed this:


Note the apparent use of a single track. …Then chose this as its first match:

Note the absolute absence of similarity to the “seed”.

Something is amiss.

P.S. Some astute readers will wonder what was in the queue. Answer: literally hundreds of tracks, a handful of which were jazz (about 3 days ago). Also, another curiosity: the first time I used Radio, it chose nothing but TIDAL and QOBUz tracks. This time it has chosen nothing but local tracks. hmmm…

PSPS: the radio has pursued a Jazz theme instead of the Debussy it said it was using.

Debussy - The Father of Jazz

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