Radio behavior in version 1.5

Hello community,

New to these forums and about to finish my trial subscription - and yes, I’m jumping on a yearly subscription since I like Roon a lot in spite of its quirks, which I’m still discovering :slight_smile:

One of my favorite Roon features is Radio. I’m mostly a classical music listener so I really LOVE the fact that Radio operates at the “Work” level. My collection is carefully tagged with Work/Part tags, and radio jumps around the collection always queueing complete works instead of individual movements. That feature alone to me is worth the price of the subscription!

My issue though is that the randomness seems to be limited. I usually start Radio “cold”, i.e. I’d fire up Roon, go to the Albums screen and select “Radio” to get going. When doing this, 99% of the time it starts with a work from this one specific album. And there’s another album that seems to be a favorite to show up in the queue 1-2 slots down the road. After that, there’s more variety but it is a bit annoying to always start from the same spot.

Has anybody seen similar behavior? I’ve seen several threads on Radio in this forum but they seem to be from previous Roon versions (1.3 and 1.4), including announcements of improvements coming, which I assume should be live currently in 1.5. However it seems that the randomizing algorithm continues to be a shortcoming.


As far as I am aware Roon doesn’t randomise, it tries to continue with a relationship to the last thing you chose to play.

If you let Radio kick in after playing something you chose, I agree (in theory, although it’d be interesting to know how its picks relate to what you just played and to each other – I haven’t seen an explanation of that algorithm).

However if I start radio directly after launching Roon, at the bottom of the Radio pane it simply says “Playing music similar to your library”. So I assume this is basically random…