Radio doesn't play

After listening to some Tidal tracks and watching the “Radio starts in #:##” display in the queue screen, I noticed the Radio didn’t start. Instead, the screen changed to “Nothing playing :frowning: Go find something to play!”

How do I tell that radio will indeed start playing at the end of the current queue? Is it by seeing the display of an album cover and track in the Radio screen?

Nevermind. The question got answered as I was writing it. The “Your topic is similar to…” box appeared to the right of the forum window where I am typing this text and I found that the question has been asked and answered. This is a very cool form of artificial intelligence.

So let me finish this useless posting by saying that Roon’s Radio selections can sometimes be wacky, genre hopping, non-sequiturs. But many, many times - more times than not - a great song and artist turns up that takes my music exploration in a different direction. As an example, I’m still trying to recover from a Neko Case infatuation that Roon Radio started. All good. All good.

Hi Tom,

I’ve got a few unidentified albums (Australia yay !) and I’ve noticed that if an album has no genres then Radio will not start. I think the algorithm may need at least one genre to get going.

I’m really looking forward to Radio being able to access Tidal albums not in library. I would also like to fix a minimum number of other tracks to play before an album was repeated.

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Today I was motivated to investigate how much of my library is unidentified. About 20% it turns out. So, coupled with my newfound knowledge of how radio works, I’m not surprised or disappointed. There’s work on my end to whittle away at the Unidentified Albums. A fair number are iTunes “Deluxe” editions and this surprised me but it isn’t hard to match them up, get the tracks aligned, etc. Others are compilations that were made for me by friends, etc. And my “101 Progressive Trance of 2012” I don’t even remember buying. LOL.

No real complaints here. I wish I had more time to spend with Roon. I don’t golf or fish so it’s not like I’m making a sacrifice when I sit down to explore and listen. lol

Like I said, all good.