Radio driving me nuts - how many times do I have to turn it off

Turned off radio. And again. And again. Seems every time I listen to stuff random music plays afterwards. How many times do I have to turn it off. New to Roon but this is really putting me off!

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Once you turn it off for an endpoint it should stay off.

Agreed, you have to turn it off per endpoint.

Here’s another gotcha, or at least my put off. Shuffle stays on forever until you turn it off. One would think it would stay on only for the current queue, but noooo! Guarantee it will get you.

This has been reported many times before, and it is irritating.

Default should be “OFF”! Then you could turn it on if you choose.

As it is, anytime you add an endpoint (or rebuild your server, delete / re-add endpoint, etc.) radio comes back on like a bad penny :frowning:

Putting aside discussion of what the appropriate default is, once you turn it off it should stay off.

Can you give us some more details about what you’re doing in-between when you turn Radio off and it comes back on? If we can reproduce what you’re describing, we can take a look and try to do better here.

Thanks for the report @Phil_Jeremiah!

Radio has come back each of the two times I’ve changed endpoints. Annoying and it seems unnecessary.

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