Radio drops after few minutes: Ubuntu 20

Hi there,
I am trying Roon and it looks very promsing.
I am however facing issue with radio droping out after several minutes (not regular).
I have tried several radio and I am facing the same issue.

My core server installation details

  • Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS
  • 7.7 GiB RAM
  • Intel® Core™ i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz × 4
    The core is connected to the home ISP Box with a cable (I also tried wifi)
    Right now, I am playing the music from my server with speaker connected with a jack (I am planning to connect to several zone in couple of months with a lyngdorf and rotel amps)

I am controling the server with an android app. which is connected to home network on wifi.
I also tried to play the radio on my mobile phone and I gets the drops as well.

I saw several similar topics but none has given me inputs to sort my issue…

Thanks for your support


Not sure if it’s the same issue but I also have been getting a lot of drops using internet radio. I listen to bagel radio a lot and at one point it starts to stutter, at that point roon seems to play what is buffered and drops the stream. I have to manually reconnect. Bagel radio is good because the guy’s rebuilding his stream due to the flooding in nyc and his stream is flakey.

another is kexp at like 10:30 almost every day does something and roon just drops it and I have to click play.

If I play the same streams from bluos once it starts stuttering it will eventually reconnect cleanly w/o me having to push play. I’m using nad c658 and squeezebox touch, nuc w/ more than enough ram and storage.

Thanks for your feedback.
I have done some more testing and I believe, the main problem comes from the stream, not Roon. Because based on the radio and quality, I can listen some content (BBC) for more than 30 min which I believe is enough for the test.
However, some player offer a better management of the stream.

I also some some research and I believe the hint here is good.

Now my question to Roon would be.

  • Is the stream better if I install the server on linux distrib ?
  • Is there a roadmap to sort this ?