Radio from "last played"

So I want to listen to some music but brain is not engaged, coffee not yet drunk, breakfast seems too hard let alone choosing music…

Would be nice to be able to go straight to radio and switch it on, with it offering me a musical morsel based on last played item in history.

I know that sort of morning.
Not automatic but you can start radio from the history list.

interesting… but I don’t see how you do that. My history list (on the Mac Roon App) doesn’t seem to have any radio button…

Right-click/long-press on the last album
Click Radio button

Don’t know about history, probably possible

That doesn’t work for me.

there is no radio button in the play drop down. Alternatively, when I press the radio button on the right of the screen, nothing happens.

Maybe you have to enable it, in Settings/Play Actions:

I get it:

thanks! It was on, but wasn’t showing up until I toggled it on and off and back on. All good now, I think!

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Drop into discover and see if that offers something to startyou off…

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