Radio Function No Longer Works [Resolved]

Radio function is not working.Always stuck on radio starts in .01 or .02 seconds

Hi @Outlaw ---- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation with us.

Can you give me a brief description of what you current setup looks like and the steps you are taking (while using Roon) that triggers this behavior? I’d like to see if we can reproduce this on our end.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Got it to work today.Toggled radio function on and off a few times and started working.Thanks.

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Radio function not working again always says radio will start and always stops at 1 or 2 seconds ?

Hi @Outlaw ---- Thank you for touching base here. I just gave this a shot on my end and am not having any issues with the radio function. Can you give me some details about your setup and the steps you take when you notice this behavior occur?


Windows 10 Pro computer.Roon server and HQPlayer on windows machine.Nuc as a NAA device windows 10 hooked directly to dac.Either loading a album or separate songs to que radio doesn’t start.Noticed on count down timer in radio or at bottom of screen is very erratic starts and stops.Control is through either a I Pad or Samsung laptop.

Updated to release 216 now radio is working.

Spoke to soon not working again.

Hi @Outlaw ----- Thank you for the follow up. Just making sure I am understanding the steps you are taking to trigger this behavior.

You are playing back content in Roon and adding either a song or album to the queue and once that has cycled through the radio function is not kicking in, correct?


Yes.The countdown timer starts and stop very eratic.Counter for radio function counts down usually to one or two seconds and stops.

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Hi @Outlaw ---- Thank you for your patience here and my apologies for the very slow response. I wanted to see how things have been holding up after the latest build release(s), have you made any new observations in relation to this behavior?

Myself and our QA department have tried to reproduce this behavior on our end are unable to trigger the behavior you’ve reported :sweat: If you are still indeed having this problem with the radio function, may I kindly ask you to please verify the following for me:

  1. Can you think of any patterns in behavior (procedurally speaking) that you may be noticing that could be influencing this experience?

  2. What tracks are we stopping on?

Local or TIDAL content?

Media type?

Sample rate?

  1. When you notice this stoppage in playback, is it to the same zone each time?


Local and Tidal content .Flac files 44.1 16 bit.Only use one zone which is Roon and HQPlayer on PC then then a nuc as NAA device connected to my dac.Radio counter counts down to one or two seconds and radio won’t start.

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Hi @Outlaw ----- Thank you for the feedback! I will add this to my notes and once my testing has completed I will be sure to follow up with you. Again, your patience and input are both very appreciated!


Hi @Outlaw ----- Thank you for your patience while we have been investigating this issue for you. As per the request of my tech team can you please verify the following if the same behavior is present when you are not using HQPlayer?

Furthermore, I know from your last post that you are using local and Tidal content (Flac files 44.1 16 bit), is it the same media each time or is it different each time and the format/sample rate/bit depth are just remaining the same?


Same media each time.Same settings all the time.Will give it a try without HQPlayer.

Hi @Outlaw ----- Thank you for that information!

If this is appearing with the same media each time can you provide us a sample via a dropbox download link for testing?


Installed New version of HQPlayer and windows PC updated now radio function is working

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