Radio function not starting from Tidal song? [Solved]

Not sure if it has always been this way or if this is a “works as designed” feature, but today I was playing an album from Tidal (Lochloosa by JJ Grey & Mofro). At the end of the last song, with Radio enabled, it just played out and then said nothing in the queue. The Radio section was doing its countdown to starting the Radio, but nothing.

Is it me, or Roon?

Edit for clarity: The album in question while from Tidal, is one that I have saved to my library if that makes a difference.



Hi Steve,

I have experienced this with alpha versions, but not the current build. Did you add Lochloosa recently ? Is it showing usual genre links ? Radio uses genre links and it may be that this issue is associated with the current Tidal genre issue, or not.

Where is the “blushing” emoticon?? Completely embarrassed here. The album was NOT in my library as I believed. Added and now the radio kicked off fine.


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Does this mean the last track has to be in my library on in Tidal?