Radio function randomness?

I use the radio function a lot, generally I put an album on, let it play through and let the radio take over. However i’ve noticed it isn’t exactly random. It seems like whatever I listen to, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds will usually show up in radio play, usually as the first song after an album.
Listening to Nick Cave isn’t a bad thing, however, it is always the exact same song from the same album. Higgs Boson blues from live at KCRW. At first I thought it was a coincidence but now it has happened way too many times to be any sort of coincidence.

Just now I was listening to the Feist - Metals album. As soon as it finished, Higgs Boson blues. Sure it is sort of similar but this song just plays way to often.
Also, like I mentioned above, I listened to Feist - Metals, Higgs Boson blues came on, and the second song of the “radio” was a feist song from the album I just listened to.

I personally think the radio function needs a bit of work, it doesn’t dive deep into similar artists, seems like it will play the same few artists over and over.

We agree. Expect a bunch of work on Radio after the next round of metadata fixes.


I know you have acknowledged that it needs work, but just wanted to point out that it just happened again. I chose a song from “blackbird blackbird” which is an electronic/chillwave artist, the second radio song was a Nick Cave song from the live at KCRW album again. At least it wasn’t higgs boson blues!

Looking forward to the radio updates when you guys get around to it.

Has any work ever been done to this? I just selected an album by “the naked an famous”, after it completed radio took over and Nick Cave was playing within 2-3 songs, and after it finished, another nick cave song was playing again within 2-3 tracks. This is quite frustrating, why is nick cave always coming on, there is no similarity at all.

I’ve got two albums that Radio gravitates towards ( depending on the seed track). The first The Bridge album of Neil Young covers and the other is Rainbow Warriors, a 90s Various Artists compilation. I understand it’s because they have a lot of genre links and possibly a lot of artist links. In the end I banned them (toggle Heart) and Radio has improved randomness. Still needs work though and as Mike has said, it’s not where the devs want it yet.

I hope to see some parameters (such as banned genres, don’t repeat artist for x tracks etc.) exposed and user configurable at some point.

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I know it’s not where it should be but it has been quite some time since this initial problem. It is very frustrating and annoying. I was just listening to a “bat for lashes” album, it finished playing and of course the first song the radio picks is a nick cave track. I hope they do some work on the radio soon.

Is this ever going to be addressed? Radio is still constantly going to Nick Cave, I swear I can play a Snoop Dogg album and it will eventually end up at Nick Cave and Higgs Boson. This is becoming extremely annoying, it happens every single time. I should also mention I have 300k tracks, it’s not like I have a very small library without much to choose from for the radio function.

Hey @robbbby – I talked about current status last month. Let me know if you have any questions, ok?