Radio hanging when advancing to next track on local player

Installed today. Have a server in one zone and a laptop that I use for a remote control and also as a standalone player.

Great navigation, lyrics, etc.

My radio is routinely hanging when using the laptop as a local player. By “hang” I mean that no sound will play, and the time slider at the bottom of the page does not advance. I can advance along the time slider manually, but tracks do not start or play once this occurs…

What most repeatedly triggers it is going to the next track using the “next track” button when the radio is functioning. In that instance, it shows the next track on the bottom of the screen as if it were playing it, but, there is no advancement of the time tracker or any sound. If I hit “next track” again it shows the next track, and again no sound and no advancement of the time tracker. The “play” button appears as if it is playing, and hitting pause and then play again does not unhang it. I have to restart Roon to get it working again.

It does not always hang on the first use of the advance to next track button. I have moved as many as four tracks forward before it hung.

The same thing happens, often but not always, if I manually advance towards the end of the song currently playing on the radio. Manually advancing the time bar slider at the bottom of the page in radio mode hangs my player. (I can still navigate, but I I can’t get anything to play.)

I am playing to a local laptop, to the default device (the laptop’s built in speakers), playing a standard 16/44 file.

I have 20,000+ files that Roon is still indexing, so maybe it’s related to that?


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Can you tell us a little bit more about your:

  • OS + OS Version
  • Laptop hardware
  • Audio hardware (anything you can tell us about the chip from device manager or system report)
  • Any configuration you did in the audio screen on roon–are you just using “System Output” as configured out of the box, or did you choose another device, turn on exclusive mode, etc.
  • If you are not using “System Output”, do you have other apps running that may be attempting to access the same audio hardware in exclusive mode.

Also, @kevin, lets grab logs from this guy’s machine.

Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit, 2.1ghz Core 2 Duo T8100 cpu, Toshiba laptop with 4gb ram and solid state drive.

System Output checked, but not exclusive mode. No other active software running and nothing that is using exclusive mode. (The core Roon server is using exclusive mode, but that output zone is not checked.) At one point I was using exclusive mode on the Toshiba, but have since unchecked it, and, have restarted the laptop.

Default Device is Realtek High Definition Audio. No other playback devices are enabled. Device Manager properties for that says the driver was provided by Realtek Semiconductor Corp, version

All music files are on a Synology NAS which is on a hardwired network.

For the song that is “hung”, if I navigate to that file the little RTA symbol next to the song indicates it is playing, but the time bar at the bottom of the screen stays inactive and there’s no sound. Similarly, if I skip to the next track (the second hung track) it’s little RTA shows it playing.

I have used that driver/device with J River for years with no issues.

The “rotating wheel” at the top right of the player page is still going, ten hours after install, which is causing me to wonder if maybe there is some processing that hasn’t been completed or that is hung up.

Happy to provide a log, but I have no idea how to do that for you.

I don’t think the rotating wheel is involved (it’s not related to audio). That sounds like a separate issue. If you click the wheel, what do you see?

As for the audio thing, it’s hard to say. Realtek chips are some of the most common out there–I’m surprised that we haven’t run into this in testing. The problem is almost certainly on our end.

We have a build in the pipeline that will make several aspects of audio playback more robust. It may help you, or may not. Either way, it should do a better job at logging failures so we can get to the bottom of this.

Either way, @kevin will help you get logs out of the current build as soon as he is around.

If I check on the rotating wheel it shows that Exporting is complete, that Copying is complete, and that Adding Music is in process. For the latter the number of tracks is not changing, and in the startup window the number of files, lyrics, images, etc. is not changing either.

For the adding music progress, there are 3 numbers in the display–what are they?

I stopped and restarted the Core server and the issue went away. The Core server is still loading files and it is easy to see that they are being added. Once I did that the rotating wheel on the remote Toshiba stopped spinning.

The “file hanging” does not occur on the Core server, or when the remote is controlling the core server, but instead only on the remote when it is playing locally

Ok, I understand. I didn’t realize that you were streaming to a remote when encountering this problem–you’re experiencing a known bug that is already fixed for the next build.