Radio - Include duplicates

Love Roon 1.3. I’ve been playing a bit with the radio feature, which I love, but I’ve got a nitpick. As far as I can tell, the radio feature ignores anything listed as ‘Duplicate’; it basically only incorporates the ‘Primary’ version of the albums in the library. This is a bit of a problem for me, since I’m a collector of several artists (e.g. Queen, Bowie) who have bonus tracks scattered across different versions of their album releases. Funny thing, even if the track is not on the ‘Primary’ version of the album, it will still get marked as ‘Duplicate’ on the alternate version. So the way that the radio feature is configured now, those bonus tracks will never play (unless of course I change the ‘Primary’ version specifically on a case-by-case basis). Could an option be implemented to choose to play ‘Duplicates’ when using the radio feature?