Radio is cool, but can I also mimic Sooloos Swim?

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I agree that Radio is cool, most of the time I don’t want to stay in a narrow range of music “similar to” a seed track. To mimic Swim, I’ve been going to the Albums page and selecting Play All > Play Now. As far as I can tell, this puts it into Shuffle mode. This works, until a song pops in my head and I add it to the queue manually. If I do so by choosing Play Now, Shuffle seems to end and the next song is determined by Radio.

Can I Shuffle tracks from all my albums and still throw in my own song on occasion and have Shuffle resume afterwards? Or must a song selected by me always trigger Radio?

Also, If instead of Albums > Play All > Play Now I choose Albums > Play All > Start Radio the track selection seems biased to a strangely narrow range of albums. For example, the first 20 tracks will be selected from only 4 albums, even though I have about 300 in this library.

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sidebar -> albums -> play all

then pick play now instead of radio.

then look at queue, notice on the right side, you wont be radioing, you will be shuffling. that works almost exactly like sooloos swim.

Yes, as I wrote in my post, I noticed that too. From what I can tell, I’m booted out of Shuffle as soon as pick a track manually.

Use Play next or Add to queue. Play now always starts over. This design decision was made to solve the lingering queue in Sooloos

How do you skip a track thats playing in shuffle to the next album?
As far as I can tell when you hit the forward button it always goes to the next track in currently playing album but there are many times I want to shuffle in a certain focus but don’t want to listen to what roon brings up in the shuffle que

Not sure I fully understand, sorry. Next track plays whatever is in the queue, or if nothing is in the queue, whatever’s showing in the Radio area on the right.

Thumbs up adds the track selected by Radio to the Queue, and thumbs down discards it and makes another selection.

Hopefully that helps but let me know some steps for what you’re trying to do and what’s not working as you expect, and we can take a look. Thanks!

When I do this it plays all the tracks of an album instead of one track and then moving on to the next track in a new album. Any way for this not to happen and work like Sooloos swim did?

are you playing the album next or the track next? if you play just a track, it wont play all the tracks from the album.

I go to focus, select one then the only option I get is play all, then play now or radio. I don’t see play track next.
Same deal if I select a tag…