Radio keeps on playing christmas songs

When I start a pop song, a couple of songs later in the radio I have to listen to christmas songs… Not really time of the year… When I look in the genre of the album I see that Tidal has added it to pop so maybe that is the problem. Is there someway to prevent Christmas song from playing? (except between 24 december and 26 december …:slight_smile:

You could change the genres on the christmas album or you could ban the christmas album? I don’t see Roon fixing a particular problematic album…I see them giving you the tools to do it.

Okay, I will change the genre from pop to chrismas ( I see a lot of albums to do that for though…)

Hide it/them

How can I hide them? I see that a lot of TIDAL christmas albums have pop as genre

In the Album Browser, select one or more album(s) by right-clicking (or tap-and-holding on a tablet). Click the Edit button in the far right of the black bar that appears at the top of your screen to open the Album Editor and choose Hide Album:

You select the albums (in one of several ways) go to Album/Edit (top of page) and Hide Tracks.

To select in bulk, use a filter search, a tag search, a genre search, and/or a hand search.

BTW, you can change or add genres in Album/Edit.

Okay, thx but I think I’ll keep on changing the genre. If I hide them and it is december 25 I cannot find them anymore…:slight_smile:

Well, I found that my christmas songs insinuated themselves anytime I played the radio. So, I gathered them ALL up, tagged them, and hid them.

Then I put a reminder on my calendar to unhide them Dec. 1. Such is my memory. :slight_smile:

Best wishes.