Radio Kiss FM España (Spain)


Unfortunately the link…“

… does not work in Roon „My Live Radio“.

I have tested several (many) links without any success.

Has anybody an idea, how I can solve it?


Sorry @uli , I’ve failed too. Roon just returns a 404 code no matter how I try to redo the link (and there seems to be essentially just the one).

I’ll inform the Devs

Because the stream is protected? If I follow the link from the OP, I end up on:

You can see a wmsAuthSign token gets added to the URL. Trying to use the stream URL without the authorization token, I get: Forbidden. So I think this is all expected and intended behavior. I don’t know what parameters are all used/captured/validated with the authorization token, but it is also time limited (24 hours for this station) – after that period a user needs a new valid wmsAuthSign token (start the stream again from the URL of the OP to get one).

Normally such tokens get correctly added by Roon during the redirection phase - this time it isn’t. I have tried various ways of persuading it to accept the token but without success.

Tried to open in browser

Roon is not taking the string as provided as URL? Does it’s own probing/guessing, strips http parameters? The server-side script checks and blocks access based on for example the reported user-agent (I don’t know what Roon might use for that)?

I was quoting the error codes (usually) returned in the Roon logs.

Presumably. Perhaps the token length is too long?
It’s not clear what internal processing is done to the strings.

It usually keeps these.


Possible, but I haven’t seen that

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