Radio not playing Qobuz streams

I am on a trial version of Roon. I am using a 2011 MacBook Pro (A1398 model).
I have a NAS but that is not applicable to this problem.

I have upgraded to Roon 1.6. I just turned on the Radio feature for the first time as I read (on a Roon webpage I believe) that Qobuz is integrated now in Radio.

That doesn’t seem to be the case as all streams are from Tidal and I don’t really know how that could work as going to the Qobuz site to research their software, I was presented with a prompt to sign up to get on a waiting list for U.S. membership. And yes, I am in the United States.

Any clarification is appreciated. I am new to Roon.

Thank you,
Charles Cannon

You have to be signed in to a valid account for Roon to look at Qobuz. To get a beta testing account you need to contact Qobuz.

Hi Henry,

Thank you for the incredibly fast response!

Actually, I just thought of this; do you mean a valid ROON account? Maybe my trial membership does not qualify OR do you mean a “valid” Qobuz account?

Is your answer is Qobuz, is there anything specifically I should tell Qobuz when I contact them? I assume I’ll be able to find a chat window or email address.

Thanks again,
Charles Cannon


First off just so it’s clear … running a Roon trial uses exactly the same software and offers the same feature list as a fully subscribed Roon account ie what you see / get during the trial is the full version of Roon.

Qobuz streaming is now integrated into Roon and the new radio feature can select tracks from your local library, from Tidal and from Qobuz.

However, just like the Tidal integration it does require you to have a valid streaming subscription with the relevant provider.

In the case of Qobuz, their services are currently in beta testing for USA … Qobuz are effectively limiting the the number of subscribers until all their infrastructure is in place to support North America.

There are alternative ways for those in non-supported countries to subscribe to Qobuz … Google will show the way … but it’s a bit of a faff… needing VPNs and payment by paypal etc…

Waiting for the official launch from Qobuz might be the way to go … but that’s you call.

From a Roon trial perspective… you can treat the Tidal and Qobuz integration as virtually the same.

Hope that helps…

Hello Carl,

Thank you so much for all of that information. I’ll just wait for the official Qobuz announcement.

Roon just gets better and better…too bad you can’t improve my slow internet connection. :):grinning:


Charles Cannon

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Hi Charles, Carl provided you with the answer you needed. I am using both Qobuz and Tidal right now, I have accounts for both signed in through Roon so Roon Radio throws up tracks from Tidal, Qobuz and my collection.

Thanks for the reply Henry. You are correct, Carl did answer my question. Instead of jumping through all the hoops that are apparently required, I’ll just wait for Qobuz to go live in the U.S…

Thanks again,

Charles Cannon

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