Radio Paradise FLAC stream with artist and track name - unofficial experimental hack -

Thanks Remi !

The Eclectic stream isn’t updating for me, Seems stuck on the Artist and Album that were playing when first opened.

Thanks for the report Andy. Indeed the connexion with RP Eclectic broke for some reasons… I reinitialized the Node Red http request node for this station, and data is now back. I don’t really know what happened and where is the pb, especially as the other 3 RP stations kept flowing, and the implementation is exactly the same… To be monitored, another example of “What has not been field tested for some time WILL break” I guess!


`There is a weakness in the implementation that is causing my metadata service to halt in some cases, probably because of the “success” and associated load (>20 Roon streamers at the moment). This is being looked at and hopefully will be fixed in the next days with @Sebastien’s help ! Thanks for your patience.


Could be that Bill at RP is updating their flac streams to include metadata? Just speculation but he did say it would get rolled out this week.

Thanks for your efforts and abilities!

Hey ROON…jump in and do this on your end, please. Users shouldn’t have to be doing this on their end.


Since Roon gets the metadata, say Eric Clapton above, couldn’t it show the artist and album pictures?

Thanks to all the work on this, great hacker spirit and RP is a special music place in many people’s hearts!


Not sure about Icecast streams not adding metadata. When I was toying with it for sending my turntable to Roon as flac I could add metadata that showed up in Roon. Obviously this was static but I am sure its doable to update it on the fly somehow with python.

@dylan it looks like RP has changed something in its FLAC streams over the week-end.

It seems that Roon is unfortunately unable to read these (VLC can do it). Consequently, all RP FLAC streams requests from Roon users are diverted to my private server, which was able to handle the change in format from RP (+broadcast metadata into Roon).

With the associated extra load, it’s likely my Google credits will go away fast and I will cut the service soon, so please consider to at least make Roon compatible with the new RP FLAC stream.

Good news: RP is now streaming FLAC with metadata! Big up to them for changing their infrastructure to Rocket Server to allow that!

BUT: there is something in Roon’s infrastructure (not handling well radios with https streams…) that required a temporary workaround , all praise @BrianW,

So it’s possible FLAC Metadata breaks again until Roon team fixes our Roon Cores with a better handling of https streams.

I have anyway shut down my service for now. Service stays on for FIP stations as there’s no workaround so far.


Woohoo radio paradise will be on 99 percent now. Next request will be for artwork :grimacing:


What’s really sad here is that RP works flawlessly with Sonos, so I’ve stopped using Roon for radio streaming. Sonos does it better…always has. Sonos is my “second” system and plays throughout the house. Was using Roon to supply music to it, but the Sonos app works more consistently and I don’t have to reboot the system once a week or so like with Roon. I still use Roon for Qobuz hi-res streaming to my main system, but have simply given up using it with Sonos. Too many issues and dropouts, etc.

This is great news indeed! My thanks to everyone who made this happen.

Which reminds me about my feature request to provide some sort of method to “remember/bookmark” songs that I have liked that I can then use to discover more about that artists. At the moment, I have to use screen grabs or a pen & paper…

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Been running RP ( the non URL version) all morning on ST i5 -> Bryston BDP Pi endpoint. Then in the last hour it drops after about 4 or 5 songs requiring me to just hit the play button. I switch back to the RP app on my Bryston Pi and it sounds better. Livelier and better imaging. :frowning:

I know Sonos added the app but is it streaming FLAC or the old 320Kbs version? I only see 320Kbs on my Sonos app?

It is only 320, but since I use the Sonos system for background listening, I am fine with that. Honestly, I don’t usually hear the difference (on Sonos) between the 320 on the Sonos RP app vs Roon driving the Sonos system using the RP FLAC stream. Again, it’s for background music during the day, not critical listening. The only real difference is that Roon drops out rather often (even at the lower streaming rates) and the Sonos app is rock steady. Playing both via the exact same network equipment and using a Nucleus+ so no excuse for Roon cutting out and then back in again every other song on Sonos. I’m not doing any up sampling or volume limiting with Roon…just straight through to Sonos via the same router I use for the Sonos app. All via WiFi, not using SonosNet.

I do use Roon for my main system (Roon to router to Allo USBridge Iva Ethernet to Denafrips Ares II then analog to Rogue RP5 to Rogue Atlas to Joseph Audio Perspective2). On that system I can absolutely hear the difference between the old stream and the FLAC stream.

I really like Roon, just don’t like it with the Sonos system due to frequent dropouts. All the speakers will be playing and then when the next song starts, Roon often (not always) ends up taking 10 seconds or more to re-establish all the different speakers again and the system comes on room-by-room…very frustrating. Sometimes it does it on every song, sometimes randomly, and sometimes not at all. Sonos once in a blue moon will struggle when I first pick a new station or source, but sorts itself out quickly within a few seconds and then doesn’t have any hiccups after that.

I am frankly stunned at how good RP FLAC sounds through my Bryston Pi. I had an old Sonos ZP90 with the Wyred 4 Sound mods upsampling to 96K and it sounded awfully good, close 2nd to my Bryston.

Alas RP-FLAC just dropped on the Bryston for the 2nd time today. I wonder if Bill is having issues on the RP side ? My Bryston App is generally solid.

So good to hear RP FLAC streams and see metadata in Roon. Thankyou @alec_eiffel, @Sebastien, @BlackJack, @BrianW and all other users who have contributed here and on RP Forum.

And of course, thanks to Roon for implementing Live Radio metadata into our libraries and streaming services and to BillG and all at Radio Paradise for such beautifully handcrafted artisan ad-free playlists.

I too have had a few drops in RP main stream today. I suspect it may be a new server bedding in.


Thjank you for fantastic hack!

I do miss 1 information though, to complete the config of the hack.

Where to and how to Import that flow?

“Import the following flow (and update the passwords with the ones selected when setting up RSAS):”