Radio Paradise not working today in Live Radio

Is anyone else experiencing inability to stream Radio Paradise today? I have tried different formats - FLAC, AAC, MP3 etc, none are working. Paradise is working in a PC web browser and all other of my saved Live Radio stations are working within Roon - e.g. BBC stations.

Could this be the issue - from Radio Paradise FAQs today:

Why is RP blocked in the UK?

Unfortunately, TuneIn — who provides the default radio service to Alexa, Sonos, Google Home, and many other players — is now blocking all non-UK stations (including RP) at the request of PRS (the UK copyright agency).

Please note that complaining about this to TuneIn won’t help. It’s not their fault. They’re just following UK laws and court rulings.

You can currently still listen via our apps & our website. On Sonos and Alexa, we have alternate ways to listen. On Google Home, you can ‘cast’ RP to from our Android app, with limited voice control (pause & skip).

Seems to be working again now

Yes, they’ve redirected UK traffic.
(And it wasn’t about Tunein - that’s an old post)

Thanks @BrianW