Radio Paradise stopping intermittently

I’m also having troubles playing Radio Paradise, but my problems are different from the OP’s issues.

For me, the stream plays, but then it stops. If I restart it, it will play again, but then it will stop again. There isn’t any discernible pattern in how long it plays before stopping, it appears to be random. I’ve tried all of the streams, and they all behave the same.

I am able to stream other Internet radio stations without issues.

You said all streams, but to be clear, Is that true for the non-flac streams too?

It was true with all streams, including flac. But I have found out what the problem was in my case.

Over the weekend I enabled “Private Relay” and apparently that was causing problems with Roon’s ability to play some Internet radio stations. Once I disabled that the issue went away. I have now successfully played Radio Paradise for over 2 hours with no interruptions.

Where is this setting? Are you using a Mac as Roon Core?

Yes, the terminology does look like it’s iCloud, but I can’t see how it can affect Roon (on Windows / ROCK / Linux) unless Roon is running on Mac (as Core or endpoint), or a Mac is used to provide routing function. So it’d be good to have confirmation that it’s a Mac OS (instead of iOS for Roon Remote app) setting problem, or something entirely unrelated.

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I had the same problem with Dandelion Radio. Turning off the iCloud Private Relay in MacOS system settings solved the problem! (Using Mac Studio as Roon Core)


Yes, my Roon core is running on my Mac, so the fix I found would only apply to those having the same problems while also running their Roon cores on a Mac.

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My core is running on a Mac, so yes, in my particular case the problem and the solution are both specific to MacOS.

I’m sorry, if there are others having trouble with Radio Paradise or other Internet radio stations, my solution won’t be of any help.

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